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Designs by Ginny — fuchia

Primrose cutout wedding invite, with 3 different looks & color

1 custom cutout flower fuchia hidden pocket Invitations lavender luggage tag placecard primrose purples red table number thank you card trifold unique wedding invite white&blue wish card

        Here are 3 samples of the same invite. Each has it's own distinct look by using different colors and different embellishments. In the first picture, the flower colors are deep fuchsias with a satin fuschia ribbon wrapped around a white metallic card-stock. In the second picture, a lavender cardstock was used for the cover creating a different backdrop to the flowers in shades of purples. A silk lavender ribbon wrapped around the cover. In the third picture, the primrose cutout flower is in shades of red with navy blue accents and a glossy red backer. Typically, red, white...

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