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Things to know before ordering

We are constantly updating our cart. Not all our centerpieces have a cart assigned to them so if you see a centerpiece online perhaps on Pinterest or doing a search but you do not see a cart for it please email us so we can give you a quote.

 It is very  important to  know that you  CAN NOT  COLOR  MATCH  ONLINE.  Every monitor  shows colors  different. We  try and  provide the  best pictures  we can but we  can not  guarantee you are seeing the actual color. Names of colors are also subjective because one person might refer to a color with one color name and another person call it another name. We also do not guarantee color match on reorders. Some of the colors are standard and don't change when ordering new supplies but some do therefore we can always guarantee and exact color match.

All our centerpieces are our creations and hand made in the USA, this is why we can customize any centerpiece to fit your event or create something unique. Each order is cut at the time the order is placed. We do not have a warehouse full of pre-cut designs, they are all cut at the time the order is placed therefore it's important to realize we need ample production time and shipping time. In some cases we can do a rush order but that will depend alot on what your are ordering, what orders we have going at the moment and where it needs to ship to for transit time. We also charge a rush order fee on those orders and the cost depends on the order.