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Primrose cutout wedding invite, with 3 different looks & color

1 custom cutout flower fuchia hidden pocket Invitations lavender luggage tag placecard primrose purples red table number thank you card trifold unique wedding invite white&blue wish card

        Here are 3 samples of the same invite. Each has it's own distinct look by using different colors and different embellishments. In the first picture, the flower colors are deep fuchsias with a satin fuschia ribbon wrapped around a white metallic card-stock. In the second picture, a lavender cardstock was used for the cover creating a different backdrop to the flowers in shades of purples. A silk lavender ribbon wrapped around the cover. In the third picture, the primrose cutout flower is in shades of red with navy blue accents and a glossy red backer. Typically, red, white & blue remind us of the 4th of July but in this invite we can clearly see how these colors can be used and have a look of their own. Instead of the ribbon, rhinestones were set inside the center of the flowers for a very different look.       Designs by Ginny has an unique hidden pocket in the back of the invite that holds the response cards, accommodations card, directions card or whatever other card you may need. It is one of their custom designs and provides a sleek look while providing a place to tuck those cards so they are not dangling loose when the guest pulls their invite out of the envelope. In the collage above it shows the lavender invite with it's accompanying pieces: table number card, luggage tag/placecard, wish card and thank you cards The clown picture was one of the table number cards. This wedding took place on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California in their Verandah Room. This room features a huge mural and we took parts of the mural and made individual pictures each with it's own title for the table numbers for a very unique touch. Each guest received a special gift when they arrived and we made luggage style tag that were tied onto the boxes. One side featured their name and the other a thank you verse from the couple.    The bride also supplied a wish card to each guest so they could share a special wish they had for the couple. We also created some custom thank you cards to match the design. As you can see we can take any of our designs and change colors to make them unique to you. Let us custom create your next invite.    

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