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Designs by Ginny — peace cutout

60's Themed Centerpiece

Ginny Schumacher 1960's centerpiece 60's centerpiece birthday centerpiece Centerpieces corporate centerpiece daisy cutout Love cutout peace cutout records centerpiece

60's Themed Centerpiece

Peace, Love & Daisies just scream the 60's. So we took all those elements and created a really fun centerpiece.  The base is a huge daisy cutout, for the peace sign we cutout a large hand with the fingers in the peace sign, we cutout a fun love cutout with the o as a heart shape and then some fun daisy cutouts. This centerpiece would be great for any 60's themed birthday party or corporate event. Our customer wanted something that wasn't quite so peace and love focused so we focused on the song by the McCoy's - Hang on...

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