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Designs by Ginny — mortar boa

Graduation 2013 Centerpiece

Ginny Schumacher centerpiece Centerpieces custom custom cutout 2013 custom name cutouts custom year cutout festive graduation graduation centerpiece mortar boa mortar board hat cutout mortarboard hat centerpiece mylar tissue one-of-a-kind party party centerpiece personalized styrofoam centerpiece table centerpiece Uncategorized

Graduation 2013 Centerpiece

Graduation 2013 is just around the corner and we are already in full swing. This centerpiece incorporates more than one element. We used our mylar base sized a bit bigger to fit all the custom name cutouts, our custom mortar board hat cutout and custom year cutout, that combined 2013 with the school initials of KO. We can customize a centerpiece for you as well, let us know all that you want in the centerpiece and our design team will go to work to design the perfect piece for you. To find out more on how to order your custom centerpiece email...

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