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Designs by Ginny — duke university

University Crests in Table Centerpieces, Duke, Penn, Loyola

Ginny Schumacher centerpiece Centerpieces custom duke crest duke university graduation graduation centerpiece Loyola crest Loyola University one-of-a-kind party centerpiece penn crest penn university silk floral centerpieces styrofoam centerpiece table centerpiece unique university crest

University Crests in Table Centerpieces, Duke, Penn, Loyola

For these 3 table centerpieces we created the university crests in Styrofoam. Each has it's own distinct look creating an unique, festive and personalized centerpiece.This centerpiece was for a male graduate and also included the grads name in a Styrofoamcutout and the custom Duke crest that we created. We used a combination of silk greenery and some white and blue silk flowers   Our popular mortar board graduation hat sits atop our custom stack of books and on top of the hat sits the graduates name, Saida and the Penn University crest that we customized. Specific labels were printed for...

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