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Designs by Ginny — 1960's

1960's Colorful Themed Centerpieces

Ginny Schumacher 1960's Beach Boys Beatles Bee Gees Monkees party centerpiece Simon and Garfunkel styrofoam centerpiece table centerpiece

1960's Colorful Themed Centerpieces

Our customer wanted some 1960's centerpieces with certain artists from that era so we created 5 very colorful centerpieces with a custom record label on the 45 records and custom album cover featuring the artist, here choices were: the Monkees, the Bee Gees, the Beach Boys, Simon and Garfunkel and the Beatles. Each centerpiece has a three tiers each wrapped with a custom banner with 1960's and faded daisies to match the color theme of that centerpiece. Custom daisy cutouts added extra splash to each centerpiece creating a really fun table centerpiece and set the mood for a fun party!...

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