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Stripped Faux Cake Centerpiece Base

Stripped Faux Cake Centerpiece Base

$25.00 (Price does NOT include shipping.) The shipping invoice will be sent at time of shipment.We have a $25 minimum order, applies to total order.
(Orders of 10 or more of the same item receive a 10% quantity discount.)

The cake base measures 14" at the bottom, 5" tall

Other bases can be added to the top to create other looks as shown in some of the samples.

Stripes can be any color.

Rhinestones colors: silver, gold, pink, purple or turquoise

(In the sample, the main color of the large or main base is white, the platform is black, the stripes are black and the rhinestones silver and turquoise)

Main color for the large or main part of the base
Color for the platform base that holds the main base
Color for the stripe
Rhinestone colors if choosing this option, you may select one or 2 colors
Please choose 1 to 2 options

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