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Winter Snowflake Wedding invitation

Ginny Schumacher addressing black and white custom invite rhinestones shimmer paper snowflake Uncategorized unique wedding invite winter wedding


Snowflakes are the theme for this winter wedding. A cascade of snowflakes flow from the top of the invite to the bottom. Rhinestones are place inside some of the snowflakes adding sparkle to this invitation.


The invitation wording was printed on a metallic white linen card-stock. A black glossy card-stock frames the invitation and a silver metallic card-stock was used as the backer creating depth to this invite.


Carrying the theme of the invite the reception card has the snowflake design and a rhinestone in the center of the largest snowflake. A black glossy paper was used as a backer behind the reception card that was printed on the same paper as the invite. The response card carries the same theme but is a single card. It is postcard size so it can be mailed using postcard rate postage. One side has the response information with the guest's name, (a feature we offer when addressing your envelopes as we already have the names of your guests in our system) and the other side with the return address. It is a plus to have the guest's name printed on the response card because sometimes your guests will respond but forget to fill in their names and this eliminates guess work. It also reaffirms who is invited and can potentially avoid a guest bringing uninvited guests.


The snowflake theme was carried through onto the envelope completing the ensemble.

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