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Wine bottle themed invite with cheetah print

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Animal prints don't seem to go out style and are very popular in just about anything today. We create a lot of centerpieces using animal prints and so we thought for this invite we would have fun and bring in some animal print. We used a cheetah print background and it created a great contrast for our purple colored wine bottle and lime green wine glass. We have done several projects for this customer around their beloved pet "Moe" who is now in doggie heaven but certainly not forgotten. Since in the past this event always had a Moe theme we kept Moe in the theme and shadowed him in the wine glass. To make this invite even more fun we created a matching envelope using the wine glasses and cheetah print and then lined the envelope in the cheetah print as well.

Part of the fun of this party is to taste and rate wines that each of the guest brings. We created some custom wine tasting scoring sheets and some custom labels to put on the bags that the wine bottles were put in for the tasting competition. To learn more about this invite or to have us create something special and unique for you email us at: or visit our website at:

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