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Tribute to Linda Herter & her Volkswagen #GetBugged Campaign

Ginny Schumacher #GetBugged breast cancer Linda Herter Susan g Komen Volkswagen car cutout

Have you ever felt like someone from the other side is talking to you.
Well today I was working on a new idea and designing a cutout for a Volkswagen car for a 1960's centerpiece and as I was working on it flashes of a friend of mine who died after fighting breast cancer came to mind and it came clear to me that I was not only creating this new cutout for a 1960's themed party but for my friend Linda Herter who had this dream in her words:
"Meet Lily the Lady Bug! She has been a dream for several years and the Northern Indiana Komen Affiliation made my dream come true! And, Gurley Leep Volkwagen. We introduced her this morning to the media. I will post news stories later!!! So excited to have Lily out there promoting Breast Cancer Awareness!! Get your mammograms ladies!"
Linda Herter, Pink Lady Bug - Designs by Ginny
This picture was taken in 2016, unfortunately Linda only got to this point in her dream and cancer returned with a vengeance and took her life. So this post is dedicated to Linda and so appropriate that I happened to decide to create this Volkswagen now and it's October Breast Cancer month.
She was so excited and grateful to have Father Hesburgh, Notre Dame, Indiana take the time to pose for a photographer with her and the car
Linda and Fr. Hesburgh and volkswagen car - Designs by Ginny
Lily the Lady Bug was part of her inspiration to create Lady Bug Chocolates. Her mission with creating these chocolates was to take part of the proceeds to help women who could not afford a mammogram and what eventually led to her vision for the Volkswagen and the campaign #Get Bugged.
Linda's Pink Lady Book - Designs by Ginny
Linda was featured in several magazine's for her Lady Bug Chocolates so we compiled a booklet that featured all the articles and made Lily the Lady Bug the cover.
Pink Lady Bug centerpiece - Designs by Ginny
Years ago we also had the fun of creating a Pink Lady Bug Designs centerpiece for Linda
and now the fun of creating one with the Volkswagen car and Lily the Lady Bug.
Linda we know you are smiling down on this with that huge infectious smile that you always had on your face no matter what life threw at you!
Breast Cancer - Volkswagen Centerpiece - Designs by Ginny
 Linda you have not been forgotten and live on in all our hearts!

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