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Unique graduation centerpieces

Ginny Schumacher centerpiece Centerpieces custom fun graduation graduation cap mortar board non-floral party centerpiece personalized school colors unique

It's that time of year where tassels will be tossed and caps flying.

And, then the parties will begin.............

In the pictures below the custom centerpieces featured the graduates name and year.

Most use their school colors but as you can see are not limited to.


Taylor's had fun with her centerpieces and used a mixture of 3 colors. pink, teal and purple for a really fun look. The base of the centerpiece is styrofoam shaped into a graduation cap. Adding drama and a burst of color, coordinating colors of mylar tissue puffs rest on top of the cap. Suspended into the air is Taylor's name along with the year 2011.  Suspended from the mylar are coordinating colors of onion grass and silver ting adding to the festive appeal. A diploma finished the look, wrapped with metallic curling ribbon.


       For Lexi's centerpiece we used the school colors of red and black. The base was created using the metallic mylar tissue puffs. Lexi's name and date were painted black and then glittered and make a prominent statement to this centerpiece. For extra pizzazz red ting was added.          


Graduation is a fun time. These festive custom centerpieces keep that in mind.

Design By Ginny will be glad to create something fun for you as well.

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