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Tailgate Centerpieces

Ginny Schumacher floral centerpieces sports centerpieces table centerpieces tailgate tailgate centerpieces

Dalls Cowboys centerpiece - Designs by Ginny University of Texas Longhorn centerpiece - Designs by Ginny USC Trojan centerpiece - Designs by Ginny 

Fall is a fun time for footballs fans. Tailgating provides a great excuse to be outdoors at the same time show your support for your favorite team. There seems to be a certain pride in braving the elements whether it be a super hot day or raining cats and dogs or freezing cold the die heart fans bear it all. 

We created several sports themed centerpiece that would be great for any tailgate or home party. It's impossible for us to show every team, so if you see something you like but it's just not your team let us know your team and we will modify any centerpiece with your favorite team

.Purdue Pete centerpiece - Designs by Ginny Purdue Centerpiece - Designs by Ginny Purdue Boilermakers centerpiece - Designs by Ginny

                     Ohio Brutus football centerpiece Eagles football centerpiece - Designs by Ginny

We had fun with Purdue's Boilermaker Pete, Ohio's Brutus and the Philadelphia Eagle mascots.

                   Colts football centerpiece -Designs by Ginny Colts Pennant centerpiece - Designs by Ginny  

We used our flat football cutout for the first Colts centerpiece and then used our star cutout base for the centerpiece with the large Colts Pennant. 

          Ball State Cardinal - Designs by Ginny

We created a huge 5 foot by 4 foot Ball State Cardinal the hung in their tailgate tent, making a huge impression.

Ball state Cardinals football centerpiece - Designs by Ginny Ball State Cardinals table centerpiece - Designs by Ginny BSU centerpiece - Designs by Ginny

We also created smaller table centerpieces using a smaller Cardinal cutout and the BSU initials.

         Gators football player centerpiece - Designs by Ginny Gators centerpiece - Designs by Ginny 

For the Florida State Gators we created a base in the shape of the state of Florida for something unique. And, of course we had to make an alligator, so fun!

         University of Michigan centerpiece - Designs by Ginny University of Michigan football centerpiece - Designs by Ginny 

We made a customized tissue base for this Michigan state centerpiece with one of their logos printed on paper and used in the puffs. For the rounded football base with made a cutout of the M and some small football cutouts.

               U of M football and helmet centerpiece - Designs by Ginny U of M floral centerpiece - Designs by Ginny 

We used our rounded football only this time we painted and glittered it make a M cutout and customized our helmet cutout, truly Michigan. Yellow and blue silk flowers with the small football cutouts make a cute table centerpiece that can be used over and over and the flowers always look fresh!

Floral football table centerpiece - Designs by Ginny

For a generic look, this football centerpiece will add some flare to any football tailgate or home party.

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