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Designs by Ginny — hastag birthday centerpiece

Hashtag Birthday Centerpiece

Ginny Schumacher 30th birthday centerpiece birthday centerpiece bridal shower centerpiece Centerpieces hashtag hastag birthday centerpiece high heel shoes leopard centerpiece lime green lipstick cutout red

Hashtag Birthday Centerpiece

Everything is hastag today so we thought we would have some fun with that idea and add it to one of our number cutouts. We used the number 30 for this sample but it could be done with any number.  Making this centerpiece even more fun is the cute high heel shoes we found. We also added some of our custom lipstick cutouts. The leopard print along with the hashtag 30, the high heel shoes, the lipstick cutouts makes for a really fun birthday centerpiece. This color theme of lime green and red would be perfect for a birthday around...

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