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St. Clement Church, Cincinnati, Ohio featured wedding program

Ginny Schumacher blue linen booklet bridal church photo church program contemporary custom lavender metallic metallic paper one-of-a-kind programs shimmer cardstock shimmer paper wedding wedding program wedding programs

Both these programs featured a picture of St. Clements Church, Cincinnati, Ohio, yet each has it's own look and feel. In the first picture, a  lavender shimmer cardstock was used for the cover. The photo of the church was colorized in the lavender shades and printed on a white shimmer cardstock and mounted to the lavender cover.  



In the second picture, a blue linen cardstock was used for the cover. The photo of the church was gray scaled and printed on a shimmer white metallic cardstock and mounted to the blue cover.



Although both these programs feature the same church, each has it's own character and co-ordinates with the colors of each wedding. Both programs are booklet style. Each has three pages inside covering the ceremony, wedding party, special tributes and couples new address. Designs by Ginny can create a program using your church photo as well. Feel free to contact us for more info:

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