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Sports themed birthday centerpieces

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We created several different centerpieces for this 60th birthday celebration.
Custom horse birthday centerpiece - Designs by Ginny
In the first centerpiece, the birthday boy loved to play the trifecta and he played the numbers 4, 2, & 8 and the colors of the mini horses were important to each number. The customer also wanted his name and the number 60 as part of this centerpiece.
NY Knicks themed birthday centerpiece - Designs by Ginny
This centerpiece focused on the New York Knicks basketball team one of the birthday boy's favorite basketball teams. Our large cutout of a basketball player with the NY Knicks logo mounted on the cutout was placed in one of our custom metallic tissue bases with orange, royal blue and silver metallic tissue.
NY Mets baseball themed centerpiece - Designs by Ginny
Another favorite the NY Mets baseball team. We took our bat, baseball cap and field shaped base cutouts and added a custom cutout of the Mets mascot for a unique baseball themed centerpiece.
NY Ranger hockey themed centerpiece - Designs by Ginny
No surprise that this person loves New York and it's teams along with the New York Rangers. For this centerpiece we used one of our hockey player cutouts and added the team logo for the NY Rangers as well as one of our custom metallic tissue bases in red, royal blue and silver.
Volleyball themed centerpiece - Designs by Ginny
This customer plays on an adult volleyball team and wanted something that represented that so we created a centerpiece with a custom volleyball cutout for a striking centerpiece. Again we used our custom metallic tissue base with black, silver and royal blue tissue.
Having a special party let us create just the right centerpieces to fit your theme and make your party stand out from the rest.

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