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Scavenger Hunt Centerpiece

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This year one of Drexel's Alumni weekend events was a scavenger hunt. So building on their t shirt design for this event, shown here

We created a very custom one-of-a-kind table centerpiece.

below closeup picture

In the close up picture you will be able to see how we took the guy holding the magnifying glass and made cutouts out of them. To give a realistic look to the magnifying glass we used clear plastic and put a cutout of the Drexel dragoon between the plastic. For the base we printed a map of the campus and covered our base. We then printed the words Drexel Alumni on a shinny gold paper and covered the edge. We added a treasure chest that we put some gold coins and a rolled up treasure map in. Then a compass and a scroll were added onto the base. We also made a custom scavenger hunt sign. Tall silk grass and other silks were added giving height to the centerpiece. For more info or to order your unique centerpiece feel free to email at: or visit our website at:

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