Retirement Centerpieces

We are showcasing 2 fun & festive, retirement table centerpieces. These party centerpieces are unique and one-of-a-kind. One is for airline stewardess that worked for American Airlines, the other for a Lineman.

A custom Styrofoam suitcase makes a great base for this fun centerpiece. Over the span of time this stewardess worked for the 3 airlines, America West, US Airways and American Airlines so we took the tails of each plane and made faux tails. We used a cute graphic of an airline stewardess and substituted their face to it making it very personal. The words Buh Bye were custom cut and glittered along with the years each stewardess worked for the airlines. A luggage tag was custom printed and added the final touch.

This centerpiece was created using one of our 2 tiered mylar base centerpieces. Custom cutout of the word Retired along with a custom cut 2014 was added. A custom filmstrip featuring pictures of the retiree added a very personal touch. To find out more how we can customize a great centerpiece for your next event, feel free to email us at: or visit our website at:

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