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Re-purpose Holiday Centerpieces & old glass vases

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Here we have the glass eiffel towers that have been used for many events, we gave them a little color by adding water to them and some food coloring. Each is topper with a custom wine bottle topper. After the event, you can let your guests take one of the toppers and then they can use them to put on a wine bottle and take to an open house, what a great presentation rather than putting the bottle in a paper bag.

Every organization seems to have a supply of the clear glass vases, so we thought up a clear way to give them new life.

in the first sample we filled the vase with some water and put some green food coloring, then took one of our wine bottle toppers and placed on top, for a really cute table centerpiece.

for the second sample we took the vase and filed it with water again only this time with red food coloring and put one of the larger wine bottle topper on top, completely changing the look of the boring clear glass vase.

for our third vase, we decided to completely change the vase and spray painted it silver, and wow what a change to the vase, then took another wine bottle topper all in silver for a really fun winter look.

It's so much fun creating these unique wine bottle toppers so we had fun with this Ho Ho Ribbon and snowflake and created another look that could be used on the glass eiffel tower and then re-purposed  later on a wine bottle.

Our toppers can also be made so they can be used as a napkin ring holder and then later again as a wine bottle topper. What a cute way to give your guest something they can take home and reuse.

Let us create something fun and useful for your next event.

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