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Motown themed party centerpieces

Ginny Schumacher Centerpieces custom centerpiece festive motown one-of-a-kind party centerpiece personalized record label record themed centerpiece styrofoam centerpiece unique

Our customer wanted a couple of centerpieces that had a Motown theme for her mom's retirement party. Her party colors were coral and navy blue. This centerpiece was the focal point on the cupcake table.

The base for this centerpiece is a styrofoam cake, a little hard to see in this picture but it has 4 tiers. To make this more personal we took a picture of Peggy, the person the party was for and photo shopped her into a record jacket and then colored it in the coral color. Each record also had a custom label with the name Peggy on it and in a coordinating coral color with navy accents. Navy mylar puffs were placed randomly as well as some navy curling ribbon. Custom styrofoam stars were painted coral and glittered and navy onion grass added to the overall look. This centerpiece was the focal point on the buffet table

Again, we customized a record jacket and photo shopped a picture of Peggy. We colorized this jacket in the navy tones with a bit of coral accent. Each record also had a custom label keeping with the coral and navy theme. A custom styrofoam cutout of her name Peggy added extra pizazz to this piece. To see more of our centerpiece please visit our website at: For more info or ordering email us at:

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