Motown Record Birthday Centerpiece

 We will be showing two versions of a Motown themed centerpiece to illustrate the difference one centerpiece will take by adding or taking away cutouts. The one above has the 2 records and the number 50, the one below also has those pieces but now we added some balloon cutouts. the balloon cutout add extra height to the centerpiece. When you need several centerpiece for an event sometimes it is nice to alternate the look of the centerpiece to add extra interest to the overall look of the room.

Using the same base but changing up the add on pieces will keep your look consistent but add more interest. For this look, you could do some with just the balloon cutouts, some perhaps with just the 50 or just the records. lots of options. For those with a restricted budget this also helps to make a centerpiece work within those really tight budgets yet still get a great look. Let us start working on your next event, or visit our website:

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