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Motown Birthday Centerpieces

Ginny Schumacher 33 records 45 records 60 60 birthday birthday birthday centerpiece centerpiece Centerpieces custom faux balloons motown Motown centerpiece party centerpiece styrofoam centerpiece styrofoam cutouts table centerpiece unique

We have created a lot of Motown centerpieces usually in the gold and black colors but this customer want royal blue, black and silver and we think they just pop with color.

For this centerpiece we used our metallic tissue base, in royal blue, silver and black. The faux Styrofoam balloons give a lot of height and presence to the centerpiece. A number 60 states the age, and we can customize any age. The 45 record labels we customized with the person's name and coordinating colors.

Our diva dancers create a  fun centerpiece with the added bling of earing's and headband. They stand proud on circular bases mounted on a 33 record. Styrofoam stars added additional fun to the centerpiece. to see more of our work visit our website at: or this link: - which showcases a lot of the Motown designs. for more info email us at:

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