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Motown Birthday Centerpiece

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Motown is a fun theme for any party. This Motown themed table centerpiece is for a 60th Birthday Party.

We used both the 45 & 78 records for this table centerpiece. We mounted the 78 record on a custom pedestal to give the centerpiece extra height. Another pedestal was mounted to the top of the 78 and used as the base for the colorful Mylar tissue and curling ribbon. Suspended from this base are 2 45 records with custom created labels with the birthday girls name and birthday date along with Happy Birthday. A custom Styrofoam disco dancer was suspended with the birthday girl's name also a custom Styrofoam cutout. A number 60 was also custom cut out of Styrofoam making this centerpiece an unique one-of-kind, festive and personalized centerpiece. For more info or how to order please feel free to email at: or visit our website at:

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