Mini bookmarks have multiply uses, wedding, promotional, gift.

  Mini bookmarks can be used in several ways. You will see how they can be used as a promotional give away, a wedding placecard, a wedding favor and a wedding placecard in the shape of a luggage tag. A tassel can be added or in the case of the one like a luggage tag, coordinating ribbon adding to the overall look of the bookmark. The above bookmark is being used for promotional purposes. The author MaryAnn Winkowski, the Ghost Whisperer just published her new book, "Beyond Delicious" and will be using the bookmark at an upcoming Food Show in Cincinatti where she will be signing her books. This bookmark was used in place a traditional wedding favor. We used the same design of the cladaugh that we also used on their invites. A rhinestone was placed on the crown adding an extra wow factor. The couple wanted their guests to know in lieu of the traditional wedding gift/favor they would be donating to their favorite charity in honor of their guests. This bookmark had a dual purpose. It served as a placecard and it also let their guests know a donation was being made to the Children's Mercy Hospital in their honor. This bookmark is shaped like a luggage tag to go with the theme of this wedding as this wedding took place on the Queen Mary in California. Again, this one had a dual purpose. The front side had the guest's name and a place for the bride to write in their table number. On the back side a thank you from the bride and groom. These were then tied to the gift that their guests would receive when they arrived at the wedding. We love to be creative so let us design a bookmark for your next event.  

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