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Logo Themed Centerpieces

Ginny Schumacher custom centerpiece event centerpiece logo themed centerpiece orinda country club. national elementary party centerpiece styrofoam centerpiece

We have 2 samples here of centerpiece that were created for a specific event with their logo as the theme of the centerpiece.

Orinda Country Club centerpiece

In this sample we created the logo for the Orinda Country Club for the swim team's event. Used one of our round glitter bases with some metallic tissue puffs and some stars cutouts creating a simple but statement centerpiece.

National Elementary Centerpiece

For this centerpiece a stack of our faux books sets the theme for this National Elementary event. We mounted the logo for this event on the front of the smallest book and have it positioned above the metallic tissue puffs. Custom wording was selected for the sides of the books.

For more info on having us create something unique for your next event email us at:


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