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Let's Celebrate!!! Table Centerpieces for All Occasions

Ginny Schumacher 1st communion centerpiece baby shower baby shower centerpiece birthday centerpiece butterfly centerpiece custom custom centerpiece graduation centerpiece high heel shoe centerpiece Indy 500 centerpiece kentucky derby centerpiece party centerpiece silk floral centerpieces sports centerpiece styrofoam centerpiece table centerpiece

We are still creating unique centerpieces for those who are still determined to celebrate whether it be a Graduation, Kentucky Derby, Indy 500, 1st Communion, Birthday, whatever you want to celebrate. Yes, things are a little different but life does go on and we still want to have those special moments we just might have to make a few adjustments.

Check out some of our latest:
quarantined graduation centerpiece - Designs by Ginny quarantined graduation centerpiece - Designs by Ginny
INDY 500
104th Indy Centerpiece - Designs by Ginny 104th Indy centerpiece - Designs by Ginny
Y2K Party Centerpiece - Designs by Ginny 90th-guitar-birthday-centerpiece- Designs by Ginny
Kentucky Derby Jockey silk Centerpiece - Designs by Ginny Kentucky Derby - Jockey Cap Centerpiece - Designs by Ginny
1st Communion Centerpiece - Designs by Ginny 1st Communion Centerpiece - Designs by Ginny 1st Communion Centerpiece - Designs by Ginny
                           baby shower centerpiece - Designs by Ginny baby shower elephant centerpiece - Designs by Ginny
High Heel Shoe centerpiece - Designs by Ginny Butterfly Floral Centerpiece - Designs by Ginny
We have several other centerpieces for all types of events so please check out our website: Designs by Ginny


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