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Jet Blue Airplance Birthday Centerpiece

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Our customer wanted a centerpiece with a jet blue airplane as the theme. We created this airplane using styrofoam and added painted on details to give it a realistic look. The tail wing was covered with a paper print of one of the jet blue patterns adding to the realistic look of a jet blue airplane.

On one side of the banner that extended from the top of the plane it said Happy Birthday and on the other side it said Lamont 25.


The base resembled a wrapped gift box. We used a silver polka dot paper to cover the box. The top of the box was adorned with red, blue & silver mylar puffs for a festive touch. Curling ribbon cascaded down the sides of the box creating more zest. A large red and silver bow was attached completing the gift box look. A silver rod extended from the box to hold the airplane. If you have a specific theme and need something unique let us create something special for your next event. contact us at: view more of our work at:

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