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Graduation centerpiece with Loyola Univerity Crest

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Our customer wanted something special for her sister's graduation from Loyola University in Chicago from medical school. We thought it would be fun to take the Loyola School Crest and use that as part of our centerpiece. She also wanted the centerpiece to mention her sister as Dr. Hall celebrating her achievement from medical school.

We made a styrofoam cutout of the shape of the crest then cutout styrofoam images that we then mounted to the crest cutout. We used a custom blend of glitter to achieve a maroon and yellow gold color to replicate the Loyola school colors. We cutout the words Dr. Hall in styrofoam and mounted it to the upper corner of the crest. For this centerpiece we used silk greenery for the base and added some multi color roses in the perfect shades of maroon along with some yellow sprays that were touched up with our custom blend golden glitter. Some matching custom glittered ting added the final touch. Our customer also wanted other centerpieces to coordinate with the main centerpiece but that were different as not to take away from the main centerpiece. So we took our popular styrofoam mortar board style hat and created a centerpiece to coordinate with the main centerpiece.

We used similar silk greenery as the main centerpiece and then added some deep maroon colored mini roses that we touched up with some of our custom maroon glitter for a touch of bling as our customer also liked the idea of some bling added into the centerpieces. A custom cut 2012 was added to the top of the hat with a two ribbon-ed bow with the coordinating colors to the side and some custom glittered ting for a stunning effect. A small tassel was added to finish the look of the graduation hat. For more info on these centerpieces please contact us at: or to see more of our centerpiece designs, visit our website at:

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