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Golfer Silhouette Table Centerpiece

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Golf is in full swing and so are we with this golfer silhouette cutout centerpiece.

We used the same circular Spanish moss covered base that we used in our golf bag centerpiece only changed the greenery. We added some cattails, bamboo sticks and more greens and removed the flowers. We changed our golf flag to one that just has the number 19 on it, to represent the "19th Hole" The Nineteenth hole is a slang term used in golf, generally referring to a pub, bar, or restaurant on or near the golf course, very often the clubhouse itself.[1] A standard round of golf has only eighteen holes[2], so golfers will say they are at the 'nineteenth hole', meaning they are enjoying a drink after the game. We replaced the golf bag with a cutout of a golfer silhouette which was painted deep blue and glittered with  a glittered silver golf club. A golf ball sits in the hole that was carved into the styrofoam base. A golf tee sits on the base. We can change colors to fit your events theme. For more info contact us at: or visit our website to see more of our centerpieces at:

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