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Fighting Irish Football Centerpieces

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We have a new twist for a Mylar balloon. Most of our centerpieces are shipped all over the US.  Mylar balloons are typically filled with helium and would be very expensive to ship inflated, so we took the Mylar balloon and mounted it onto  a Styrofoam cutout making it more shipper friendly. By making it into a cutout it not only is easier to ship but can be stored and reused. Helium filled Mylar balloons last for quite a while but because of the bulk are not easy to store and you have the issue of having to have them filled and refilled. For outdoor events wind is always a concern, whereas a cutout will remain in place.

It is still a huge presence in the centerpiece but now on a clear tube so it will be stationary not floating. We also added extra zing to it by glittering the ND and the stripes. This 18" balloon stands 45 inches tall. We then super sized our Styrofoam football player scaled to fit this centerpiece. We added extra weight to our metallic tissue base as it was needed. Below is a picture of the same football player cutout only in a base without the balloon. It stands 36 inches tall and would still make quite an impression on any party table.

We changed up the base a bit and added some green tissue, shamrocks and the word Irish using the same football cutout.

Unfortunately, it is very hard to capture the Mylar (metallic) tissue in a picture so you can barely see the green tissue but in person it has lots of color. We are constantly told our centerpieces are so much better in person, that our pictures don't do them justice. We do our best and don't claim to be a professional photographer, however they would have the same issue with the shinny metallic tissue. Our options are endless as we create all our Styrofoam cutouts so if you need something specific or you want something super sized we can do it. If your coming to a Notre Dame home game and would like the Mylar balloons inflated we can provide that service as well as delivery. for more info feel free to email us at:

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