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Engagement Ring with Doves Centerpiece

Ginny Schumacher centerpiece custom custom heart cutout custom names custom styrofoam names. custom heart doves engagement engagement ring engagement ring centerpiece faux rhinestones feathers festive one-of-a-kind party centerpiece rhinestones styrofoam centerpiece styrofoam cutouts table centerpiece Uncategorized unique

Our custom Styrofoam dove cutouts appear to be in flight in this feathery centerpiece. Our custom Styrofoam engagement ring stands tall and is the focal point. The newly engaged couples names are suspending in the circle of the ring and joined together by a custom Styrofoam heart cutout. Large glittered feathers added extra drama to this piece nestled into our custom faux rhinestone base creating a very unique custom table centerpiece. To find our more about us creating something unique and fun for your next event feel free to email us at: or visit our website at:  

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