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Engagement/proposal table centerpiece

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These two table centerpieces will be perfect for an engagement party. We used the same cutout for both but created different bases which give 2 very different looks

. In the first one we used a combination of silk greenery and red silk roses to create a very realistic looking base. Our custom stryofoam cutout of a guy proposing to his girlfriend was painted and glittered red. A faux diamond is supported on her finger.

For our second centerpiece we used the same Styrofoam cutout only this time painted and glittered black. For the base we used a combination of black, gold and white mylar  tissue puffs and accented with some gold ball sprays for a very unique centerpiece. Again a faux diamond was placed on her finger.

We previously posted this centerpiece using the same guy & girl proposal cutout and wanted to show how using different bases can change the look of our custom cutout. For this piece we also made custom cutouts of the couples names. For more info feel free to email at: or visit our website at:

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