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Engagement Party Centerpieces

Ginny Schumacher centerpiece Centerpieces contemporary custom engagement engagement ring festive gift box one-of-a-kind party personalized polka dots proposal purple purple and white strips purple calla lilies rhinestones silk floral centerpieces styrofoam centerpiece Uncategorized unique wedding ring

For this engagement party centerpiece we made a stryofoam cutout of an engagement ring as our focal point. The bride and grooms name were also cutout of styrofoam, painted and glittered and added to the engagement ring. For our base we purchased a large round gift box with purple and white strips, and white polka dots for an burst of color. We mounted our engagement ring cutout on top of the box and added some silk greenery. We suspended on single stem purple rose through the ring pulling more of the purple color into focus. One single rose was used as one rose means "I Love You".

For our second centerpiece we used purple calla lilies for the flower as the bride will be using those in her wedding. We cutout a silhouette of a man on one knee proposing to a woman and used it as our focal point. We place a rhinestone on the woman's finger to give it an authentic feel. We painted and glitter the cutout purple to keep with the purple theme. Silk greenery was added around the base. Cutouts of the bride and grooms name were suspended behind the couple completing the centerpiece. We can create an unique centerpiece for your next party. To see more of our work please visit our website at: For more info feel free to email us at:

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