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Custom Butterfly Shaped Wedding Program

Ginny Schumacher butterfly butterfly cutout custom custom shape program eggplant color fuschia programs unique vellum wedding wedding ceremony wedding program wedding programs white pearl cardstock

Butterflies are the symbol of new beginnings and how fitting as a symbol for weddings. This bride wanted a program in the shape of a butterfly that opened. She wanted the cover to be translucent and we used a see thru vellum to achieve this look. She also wanted a bow in the center of the butterfly. Although the bow does help hold the pages together we also used adhesive between each layer to secure them in place. She wanted a burst of fuchsia color so we outlined the wings in the fushia color and used an eggplant color for the text. Inside all the text is in a fushia color with titles in the eggplant color. A white pearl cardstock was used for the inside pages providing a soft shimmer effect.

Inside on one side is all the ceremony information and on the other side the wedding party info. The text follows the shape of the wings on both inside pages.

We utilized the back page for the thank you's.

We can customize this butterfly shape to accommodate your tastes. Contact us at: or visit our website at: We ship nationwide.

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