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Convention, Fundraiser, Special Events Centerpieces

Ginny Schumacher convention centerpiece corporate centerpiece fundraiser party centerpiece special event centerpiece styrofoam centerpiece table centerpiece

Over the years we have created several customized centerpieces for various themed events. Just give us the idea or theme of your event and let us create something unique for your event.Oriental lanterns centerpiece - Designs by Gnny The theme for this event was oriental and wanted something with lanterns and their logo.Scavenger hunt centerpiece - Designs by Ginny We took the logo for their event, the little person with the large magnifying glass and created a cutout with their dragon inside the the magnifying glass. The theme was scavenger hunt so we added a map of the university grounds, a treasure chest, compass, faux scroll and sign for a really fun centerpiece.
Breast Cancer Ribbon centerpiece - Designs by Ginny For a Kelly's Care Breast Cancer event we created the cancer ribbon mounted on top of a faux football.Coachman RV centerpiece - Designs by Ginny The Coachman RV Company was celebrating their 50th anniversary so we took their logo and made a cutout with it jumping thru the 50th cutout and used our metallic tissue base.The Links high heel shoe centerpiece - Designs by Ginny These 2 centerpieces were for 2 events at The Links Convention that was held in California. Each carried the theme of that dinner with incorporating their logo.The Links Motown Centerpiece - Designs by GinnyLas Vegas Centerpiece - Designs by Ginny Las Vegas was the city for this event and they wanted to include the city and the theme of their event, American Academy of Clear Aligners. There were 36 chapters and each had their own logo which we were able to capture into the sign making this truly a custom centerpiece. Each tooth had a number cutout and was used as the table number.
Record player centerpiece
The Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors' National Association held their convention in Hawaii and wanted something with their name and a Motown theme.
Let us create something that sets your event apart from the rest

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