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Combining Technology & Style

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Two areas of extreme interest in today’s society are Technology and Style. People want the latest gadgets, whether they be cell phones, computers, e-readers or iPads, but they also have a drive to improve personal style and find new ways to stand out from ‘everyone else.’ Our mission is to help you do both. By customizing your iPad bag, you can:
  • Make a statement.
  • Be different.
  • Advertise
  • Brand yourself.

Recently Ginny designed some new bags to be featured in a local Woman’s Expo. This particular set of iPad bags was created specifically for the Woman’s Expo audience. Each bag is uniquely designed and created by Ginny to ensure quality. Here are a few of our show-cased items.


Renaissance Angel iPad Bag: Made from a renaissance angel print tapestry, a light brown suede strip with a lace ribbon overlay and three rhinestone embellishments.
Suede Shamrock iPad Bag: Made with blue faux ultra suede and a golden textured faux suede, with a tweed type fabric for the shamrock and gold rhinestone.
Shaggy Sheer iPad Bag: Made with a black velvet front and back with a shaggy type sheer fabric for the front flap with a white a decorative button
Lady Bug iPad Bag: Made with a cotton blend, lady bug print with flowers and a black and white polka dot cotton blend print. Lady bug and flower cut-outs are placed on a faux white leather background and sewn on top of the original image for extra pizzazz.

*Designs by Ginny personalizes iPad bags with logos, twitter handles, website addresses, etc.

Article written by Michelle Hillaert.

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