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Circus Tent Centerpiece

Ginny Schumacher Centerpieces

This past spring we had the fun job of creating a circus tent for the Drexel University Alumni picnic. What made this job a challenge was the fact that the picnic tables would have an umbrella stand in the middle of the table. In order to accommodate that issue we created the circus tent so it was in 2 pieces and when placed on the table it would look like one piece.

We used red and white stripe fabric for the tent and painted the roof yellow. We added stripes of blue paper to create dimension on the roof. Green felt provided the base and a grass effect. Custom made signs added detail to the tent. Twine was attached from the roof to the felt base making it look like the tent was being anchored down. Just lots of fun! Let Designs by Ginny create something fun and unique for your next event!

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