Casino birthday invite, centerpieces & gifts for a dog party

What a dog's life! Moe is certainly one loved dog and you can see why with that adorable face. Moe turned 14 this year and his owners wanted this year's celebration to be extra special. We decided on a casino theme as that would give us lots of options to play with when creating the invitations, centerpieces and gifts.

This really unique invitation got the party in motion. The slot machine featured a picture of Moe in it's windows, the pull down lever actually pulled down and the cash drawer at the bottom held real money in the amount of .14 cents.  

   The envelopes were custom addressed inside a custom design that was also used for a centerpiece. the lining for the invite had a spread of cards as the main feature which also added up to 14, over a watermark of the wording Moe's 14th Birthday. We used a medium weight card-stock for the lining to add extra stability to the envelope to ensure better delivery thru the postal system. The lining was customized to be more like a pocket rather than the traditional lining that is just one side of the envelope.  

When you enter into Las Vegas, there is a famous sign welcoming you. We took that sign and customized it with Moe's name calling it Las Moe when creating this centerpiece. Battery operated super mini lights were used to light up the sign for special effects. Each centerpiece base is the shape of one of the four types of playing cards, heart, spade, diamond or club. The base for Las Moe was the diamond.

The next centerpiece we created for Moe was the slot machine and resembled the one on his invitation. This slot machine has a working level and could be moved up and down. Cascading from the bottom of the slot machine are gold coins. The base for this centerpiece was the spade.

Our third centerpiece for Moe's party was themed the joker. Moe's face became the joker and he is suspended over the heart base with playing card in a spread that also added up to 14 keeping with our theme. Custom playing card boxes were created using Moe's picture inside the spade for a truly personalized touch.

Our 4th centerpiece resembled a roulette wheel, of course we named it Moelette after our party boy. The wheel was fully operational and would spin. On the club base were cards withthe numbers from the wheel and some poker chips. Since this wheel was functional you could actually play games with your guests by providing additional cards with the playing numbers and poker chips that they could place bets. You could provide some fun gifts to keep the party rolling..........







Moe is a very gracious party host and had custom note-cards made for each dog owner that attended the party. Showing is the set we made for Bentley. Each note-card featured a picture of that owner's dog along with it's name. The cards were approx. 3.5" x 5" and made to resemble a playing card. The design was also printed on the envelope. A custom box completed the gift. The box was made to resemble the box a deck of playing cards would be in making this a truly unique gift. One one side of the box featured a picture of the guest's dog, on the other Moe of course!


Moe loves to wear scarfs to his special parties, so we created one that extra special for him. Using a card theme printed fabric, we covered one of the cards with fabric that was transferred with Moe as the joker and then machine stitched into place. On the tip of the scarf, 3 poker chips were sewn on for added appeal. Moe's party is a good example of how you can build a really fun party once you have a theme to work with. The casino theme is a great one to use because you can also build games to play and get your guest to be inter-active. You can be creative and have fun prizes and they don't have to be ones that cost alot of money, just takes some creativity. Designs by Ginny is great at helping you take your theme from the initial invite to the final thank you's.

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