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Canada is Celebrating it's 150 Anniversary & We Are Too!

Ginny Schumacher anniversary centerpiece Canada's 150th anniversary Canada's 150th anniversary centerpiece Canada's celebration Canadian flag centerpiece Canadian maple leaf centerpiece party centerpiece

Canad's 150th Anniversary Centerpiece - Designs by Ginny

Canada is celebrating it's 150 Birthday and I am celebrating my roots!

50 years ago, I was a little girl living in Welland, Ontario and I remember my parents celebrating Canada's 100 birthday. My mom being an accomplished seamstress decided she would get real patriotic and make some centennial costumes to celebrate this historic time. My dad got into the act with her and they had fun going to different celebrations and even took home first prize.

Helen & Peter Pupo in Centennial costumes

Helen & Peter Pupo in centennial costumes

My mom used to sew for her customers & one of them wanted a costume too so my mom made her one as well. When it came time for the annual parade Winnie and Ann, a lady who worked for my mom participated in the parade, they were in a horse drawn carriage, the only problem the horse pulling the carriage was one of the milk horses, yes back then hard to believe but milk was delivered by horse and carriage, well, when they got to the end of the parade unknown to them they were at the milk route where the horse delivered milk and the horse recognized his route and off he went with the 2 passengers scared skinny. All ended well but what a ride they had.

Winnie & Ann in carriage, Peter Pupo with daughters Susie & Ginny

Some may remember my mom's store that she had until the day she died at age 77.

I am grateful for the home town values I was taught growing up in Welland.

I begged my parents to have a dog and finally that year they consented thanks to Roli & Roland who rented one of the apartments and convinced them to let me, so in the spirit on it being a centennial year, I named my dog Cento!

To honor my parents and the city of Welland I created a centerpiece with the logo for Welland's 150th celebration.

Welland's 150 Anniversary Centerpiece

as well as a few more patriotic Canadian themed centerpieces

Canadian Maple leaf centerpiece

Canadian flag table centerpiece

It has been fun taking a stroll down memory lane. 

Designs by Ginny will be glad to duplicate any centerpiece shown here

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