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Bocker the Labradoodle- Stationery

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Isn't Bocker just the most adorable dog? Designs by Ginny created some personal stationery for the owner of Bocker. These sheets of stationery measure 7.75" x 10.5 " and when folded in half fit into an A8 envelope. We watermarked the picture of Bocker and included lines for writing, however, this could be created without the lines as well. It is printed on a white linen text weight paper.

Complimenting the stationery is a custom envelope. When you open the envelope the sheet of stationery is folded in half and inserted so that the title is what you see. Cool! Do you have a favorite pet you would like to make the star of your stationery? Just send us a picture and leave the rest to us. They make an excellent gift. Keep in mind for that special person, Valentine's Day is just around the corner.

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