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Black and Gold Motown Themed 50th Birthday Centerpieces

Ginny Schumacher 45 records.33 records 50th birthday 78 record centerpiece Centerpieces custom custom album cover custom record labels disco ball disco dancers festive motown Motown centerpiece motown themed centerpiece musical notes one-of-a-kind party centerpiece personalized record record player styrofoam centerpiece table centerpiece Uncategorized unique

This classy centerpiece is customized for the birthday girl with an album cover substituting her face for Diana Ross. Customized labels were created to keep with the color and theme of this party. Musical notes added to the overall theme for a unique one-of-a-kind centerpiece.

This centerpiece has a custom cutout of the birthday girls name mounted on our custom disco style dancer. A number 50 cutout kept with the theme along with the customized records.

For this one we used our faux cake base and added another customized album cover using the face of our birthday girl. Each of these centerpiece is personalized making them extra special for the birthday girl's celebration. Custom cut stars add fun to this already fun piece.

This centerpiece has an array of records with a customized label as the focal point. A large 78 record glittered in gold supports all the 45 records along with the cutout of the birthday girls name for a very unique centerpiece. A 33 record was used as the base along with our mylar metallic tissue puffs.

Our disco dancers are having fun on this faux record player, glittered in gold. A 45 record is supported in the center over a 33 record giving a base for 2 of the dancers. In the center a gold disco ball is suspended with a custom 50 cutout mounted to the stick holding up the ball. for more info please feel free to email: or visit our website: and let us start creating something special for your next event!

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