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Birthday Wine Bottle Cutout Invite

Ginny Schumacher 6oth birthday 70th birthday birthday invite Invitations wine bottle cutout wine bottle cutout invite.

We have 2 samples of the wine bottle cutout used for a birthday invite. In the first one it is for a 60th birthday celebration. Coloring in the eggplant tone. Some grapes and vine add to the label and back coordinating with the customers request of eggplant and green.

 In our second sample this is for a 70th birthday celebration. A very different look to the bottle yet the same wine bottle cutout. This customer requested a matching rsvp postcard and an "in lieu of a gift" card. We also added a custom lining for the envelope. A custom cork was added to the front of the invite adding a bit more pizzazz.

 We have created many different looks for the wine bottle cutout and will be glad to create something unique for you. for more info: or visit our website at:

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