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Birthday Cake Themed Centerpiece

Ginny Schumacher 16th birthday centerpiece centerpiece Centerpieces custom name cutouts one-of-a-kind party personalized personalized names styrofoam centerpiece sweet 16 unique zebra print

This really cute birthday cake centerpiece could be used for any year birthday. We can change the color, the puffs at the top, the number, the name, add flowers or other embellishment to fit your party needs. For this sample we used a zebra stripe print custom cutout number 16. We added some custom zebra print puffs at the top of the cake as well as black and white iridescent curling ribbon adding lots of pizazz to the cake base. The base was painted hot pink and then glittered with iridescent glitter and glitter flakes for a very festive look. Making this a personal piece is the addition of the birthday girls name cutout which was painted the same color as the cake and glittered to match, then suspended over the top. Black ting added extra dimension for a final touch. To see more of our party centerpieces, please visit our website at: For more info contact us at:

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