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Baby themed table centerpiece

Ginny Schumacher baby baby & mother silhouette baby in hands baby shower centerpiece Centerpieces custom festive one-of-a-kind party centerpiece silk floral centerpieces styrofoam centerpiece table centerpiece unique

Each time we do these table centerpieces they have a different look depending on what color we paint the baby and the hands and the choice of flowers that we use. For this one it was intended for a baby shower for a girl so we went for pink. We added some white lilies with just a touch of pink and then a pink ribbon that has baby written on it

.For this one, the baby was painted brown to reflect a baby of color and the hands to match. This was for a church event and we included a custom sign - "The Greatest Gift". White flowers and silk greenery was used for the base with just a touch of tiny blue flowers and a blue silk ribbon.

This is one we have done before in the pinks but this just shows it using the light and dark pink color flowers and with the the spike of flowers and the 2 tone ribbon.


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