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Animal print themed graduation centerpiece

Ginny Schumacher 2012 Centerpieces graduation graduation centerpiece leopard print mortar board mortar board centerpiece zebra print

Leopard print lovers will love our animal print themed graduation centerpieces. Below we are featuring our popular mortar board hat trimmed with leopard print.

Atop the hat are mylar puffs in chocolate brown and gold. Suspended about the black glittered mortar board hat is the name Sierra, glittered gold and the number 2012 customized with the leopard print and glittered. Natural ting and twigs were custom glittered in the brown tones to match. We also made another centerpiece using the zebra print for it's theme.

For the base of this graduation centerpiece the customer wanted the mortar board hat kelly green. We trimmed the hat with the zebra print which was customized with glitter. Atop this hat sits mylar puffs of kelly green and black. The name Tkeyah is painted and glittered a hot pink. Suspended above the name is 2012 customized with the zebra print and glittered. For more inf contact us at: Or visit our website at: 

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