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30th & 40th birthday celebration centerpieces

Ginny Schumacher 30th 30th centerpiece 40th centerpiece 40thth centerpiece Centerpieces custom festive lips multi color zebra strips party party centerpiece styrofoam centerpiece styrofoam cutouts styrofoam lips table centerpiece Uncategorized unique zebra print

For this festive 30th birthday party table centerpiece we used the colors of red, orange and fuchsia as our theme for a burst of colors. To compliment our mylar base of orange, red and fuchsia mylar puffs we added our custom Styrofoam cut lips in the same shades. Onion grass in the 3 shades added extra flair. A black Styrofoam number 30 cutout stands tall in the center of this centerpiece. We can customize this piece using any number as well and is not exclusive to the number 30.

For this 40th birthday table centerpiece we used a base made of a really fun zebra multi color striped tissue, mixed with lime green and purple mylar tissue puffs. the printed tissue has lots of fun colors in it and a variety of accent colors can be used with this print as well. A custom Styrofoam number 40 stands slightly to the side of the purple onion grass sprays we customized to give them height. Some lime green ting was added for extra zest. This base can be used for other occasions as well and not exclusive to a 40th centerpiece. for more info feel free to email at: or visit our website at:

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