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2014 Graduation Sports Themed Centerpieces

Ginny Schumacher 2014 basketball centerpiece Centerpieces cheerleader congrats custom female basketball football graduation centerpiece one-of-a-kind party centerpiece sports sports themed centerpiece styrofoam centerpiece table centerpiece Uncategorized

Below are 4 different sports themed graduation centerpieces we are adding this year to our graduation centerpieces. Each can be customized to fit your colors and personality. These table centerpieces can also be used for other celebrations, such as sports events, birthdays, awards banquets and more!

above male basketball player with the words congrats across the body, a 2014 cutout and the base black and silver mylar puffs with black and white printed tissue

female basketball cutout in red glitter with orange glittered 2014 vertical, orange, red and yellow mylar puffs with red and yellow ting

football player cutout silver with brown glittered football, black glittered vertical 2014, two layered stars, larger star brown glitter, smaller star black glitter, base - brown, black and silver mylar puffs

cheerleader pink glitter with silver glitter pompoms, silver mylar shred was added to the pompoms for a realistic looking poms, pink glittered stars and silver ting, base - three shades of pink, light pink, dark pink and fuchsia mylar puffs to find out more feel free to email at: or visit our website at:

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