Logo themed Holiday Ornaments and Custom Logo Cutouts

We got into the holiday spirit and little early this year as we were asked to create some ornaments for the Ball State Christmas Tree. Their theme is We Fly and they wanted some wings and some of their cardinal heads.
ball state wings ornaments
We did 2 sizes of the wings.
ball state cardinal ornaments
For the Cardinal Heads, the larger ones were highlighted with glitter the smaller one just plain.
ball state logo tree topper
They wanted their signature logo to be the tree topper and 2 sided
ball state Christmas treeball state Christmas tree closeup
They sent us a picture of the tree decorated and it looks beautiful.
The Ricart Company in Ohio wanted an ornament with their logo for their Christmas Party so we took the 4 logos that represent the company and made one large ornament. We added diamond dust glitter to the front and the back is silver glitter.
Ricart Christmas ornament
This Aggie logo was created for a special celebration;
Aggie horse cutout
This Axis logo was mounted onto our caduceus cutout for a special event.
Axis logo cutout

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